13 Movies Every Dog Lover Must Watch

by May 10, 2018Infotainment

The chill season is here! It’s the perfect time to dim down the lights and snuggle into a corner with your pooch. Here’s a list of 13 movies which we believe are a must watch for the dog lover in you:

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1. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, 2009

Tissue Alert: This movie is enough to make a grown-up person cry! It’s a tale of a professor (played by Richard Gere) who takes home an abandoned dog, Hachi, and the two form an unbreakable bond of love. You’re in for a treat as it will remind you of all the reasons why you chose the fluff life (or the fluff life chose you!

2. Marley & Me, 2008

Starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, and their Labrador retriever, Marley and Me is about a couple whose life completely changes after Marley (their labrador) comes into the picture. Watch as they run (literally) through their life with the always energetic and hyperactive Marley!

3. Eight Below, 2006

The plot is about two scientists and their mission to the Antarctic along with their huskies. Owing to the harsh weather conditions, their life is about to take a complete U-Turn. With Paul Walker and his Huskies, this movie is a tale of friendship, love, survival, and adventure.

4. Turner & Hooch, 1989

In the movie, Tom Hanks plays the role of a detective. On his once-in-a-lifetime murder case, the only witness happens to be the victim’s dog. Watch on as the two try to bond and solve the case, and prove to be one of the most handsome couples Hollywood has ever seen! Nothing sexier than a man and his pooch, right Hooch?

5. Red Dog, 2011

In the search of his master, a lovable red dog travels through large areas, making a place in the hearts of people he encounters, and ends up uniting a whole community. Watch how this miracle dog wins his way through life and people!

6. Old Yeller, 1957

If you’re into the oldies, this is a golden one. Set in the countryside of Texas in the 50’s, this movie is about a young boy named Travis, who tries to take care of his family by working on a ranch (farm) with them. A yellow-haired dog pays them a visit, gets adopted by them and changes their life for the better. An adventurous and heartwarming story, this is a must watch!

7. 101 Dalmatians, 1961

If you have a pupper who likes watching cartoons, you can join him on this genius movie about a couple who has a litter of 15 pups. Cruella De Vil tries to kidnap these babies and trap them in their mansion. Watch how the super dalmatians seize the day!

8. Lassie, 1994

To start a new life, the Turner family moves to the countryside. As most little kids, the teenager Matt, and his little sister Jennifer feel lost. The feeling of homelessness is shared by collie dog who is searching for his original owner. Watch as their paths cross and a tale of friendship, love, and loyalty ensues.

9. A Dog Named Christmas, 2009

Find out what happens when a special boy, sets out on a special mission. Starring Noel Fisher, this movie shows how great Christmas can be if we just take that little effort.

10. Bolt, 2008

Always been the star of TV, the dog Bolt believes he has superpowers. This animated movie will take you through his journey as he goes through the real world and despite the harsh reality, finds the magic in life anyway!

11. All Dogs Go To Heaven, 1989

This is one badass movie about a dog who returns from heaven to revenge his death and make sure the culprits pay. If you’re looking forward to seeing a superhero dog who’s the James Bond of the DawgieWorld, you’re in the right place!

12. A Dog’s Purpose, 2017

Watch how a dog tries to find out the purpose of his life as he goes through different owners, experiences and lifetimes. An ultimate mixture of drama, comedy, and adventure, this movie is a MUST watch!

13. Chillar Party, 2011

This is a story about a group of children who fight the odds to protect their stray dogs as their home gets endangered. A perfect combination of comedy and drama, Chillar Party is a light-hearted movie and will leave you wide-eyed-ly happy!

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Have a personal favorite that’s not on this list? Share it with us in the comments below!


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