7 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Your Next Dog or Cat, Not Buy One

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Every year thousands of abandoned and suffering dogs are rescued across India. Animal shelters are filled to the brim with more dogs in need being admitted every single day. Our Social Media timelines are lined with posts and stories of animals up for adoption. What is it that still makes the majority of us want to buy a puppy and not adopt one in need? Do we really love dogs? Or just the breeds? If you’ve ever considered adopting a dog instead of buying one, we’re already so proud of you! But if you’ve been having second thoughts, let us tell you some advantages that will definitely make you want to adopt and not shop.

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1. Adoptions cost less

Adopting a dog is usually free! A visit is scheduled to verify your residential details and some information is collected. The process helps adoption authorities ensure that the pet is going into safe hands. Buying a pet may cost you from a few to many thousands, depending on the breed you’ve set out to purchase. Shelters usually do have some pedigreed dogs that were abandoned and you can definitely get one without having to buy it.
Luna 2- Reasons to Adopt your Next Dog- DawgieBowl Adopt Don't Shop
In Photo: Noon from The Modern Mowgli

2. You adopt a pet who has received good care

Rescued dogs are usually in the need of nursing or treatment. Animal shelters ensure that these pets are provided with the best care and medication until they are completely fit to conquer the world! When you adopt a pet, the pet has been given individual attention and his needs have been taken care of in a very personal manner, unlike the dogs in mass breeding facilities.

3. You have the advantage of adopting an adult animal

Parenting a puppy is a task. The smaller the pet the more amount of time, attention and resources you have to invest in aiding him to grow. Adopting an adult animal helps you bring home a mature pet, who is past his puppy age. This can be especially helpful if you are an old-aged or working individual. If the energy of a puppy can be a handful to take care of, the sobriety of an adult dog is the answer.

4. You get resources in the form of shelter employees and volunteers

Bringing home a dog is just the beginning of a journey of situations you’ve never been in before. Situations that require help and guidance from someone who knows. When you adopt from a shelter, you not only get home the animal but also get the support and expertise of the employees and volunteers at the shelter for times you aren’t prepared for.

5. You don’t just help one animal

Like we mentioned earlier, rescuers are rescuing dogs every single day. Adopting one of these helps allot space and resources for another animal that may be in need and is suffering. You help the pet you are adopting with a loving home, and the next that will receive care in his place. So much good karma. :’)
Noon 1- Reasons to Adopt your Next Dog- DawgieBowl Adopt Don't Shop
In Photo: Noon from The Modern Mowgli

6. You help stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities

Dogs in unethical breeding facilities are brought up in very substandard conditions. They breed thousands of dogs every year, leading to pet overpopulation. The inhumane way these pets are bred in, leads to health and behavioral issues. There is absolutely nothing right about these breeders and their businesses. When you adopt a dog instead of buying one, you discourage backdoor breeders and their ill ways.

7. You encourage others to adopt from shelters

It is more essential now than ever that pet parents adopt instead of shopping for their pets. As time passes and more pets are abandoned, a generation of woke individuals is the only hope to counteract the downward spiral in the quality of life our pets are leading. By adopting a pet, you set an example and inspire others to do the same. You become a role model to others of how life with an adopted pet can be equally beautiful.
So if you are one of those who cannot wait to get a pet into your family and life, we hope you adopt one in need. You can find many dawgies waiting to be adopted to their forever homes by a simple Google Search. While the process of having a whole generation and more of Indians choose adoption over buying is a long-term process, it’s a responsibility on you and us to create awareness. You can also choose to help rescuers and animal shelters take care of these adopted pets. And if and when you adopt a pet, make sure you send us a picture, you champ!
Violet- Reasons to Adopt your Next Dog- DawgieBowl Adopt Don't Shop
In Photo: Violet from The Modern Mowgli

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