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9 Adorable Dogs Celebrating their Barkday

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Infotainment

Birthday dawgies are the most adorable creatures ever! Hoomans put in all their effort to make their dogs’ birthdays the most pepped-up event. From birthday parties, cakes, treats, gifts & toys, to pampering their darlings with luxurious spa sessions, to a doggie’s day out at their favorite pet cafe or park – pet parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to their pet’s birthday.

And dogs bask in the glory of their hooman’s attention. You may even find them striking poses for their parents, or sporting huge smiles and showering a lot of face licking upon their hoomans.

Here are 9 dogs having the most fun birthdays ever!

1. Go Shawty, it’s your birthday!

It’s not your regular Sunday brunch, Wendy! This is my pawty, and my hooman made us a dog birthday cake. You’re welcome!

2. One look, twice sold, three for the way you look at me

Dear hooman, I will break your favorite cutlery, and will definitely rip apart your most comfortable cushions. But I will always be your goodboy!

3. The calm before the storm

This picture was taken right before we all went to chase a squirrel who tried to be a part of our party squad. What a fun birthday, lads!

4. Who’s the good boy? I’m the good boy

Well I’m six. In dog world, six means good boy.

5. Picture perfect

Au Naturel, Madame! I don’t follow fashion, ladies, I am fashion. And this is birthday fashion! Also, can we just start with the cake now?

6. I came for the cake

I pawmise to take care of my teeth better, hooman, But please may I have another slice?

7. Oh, balloons!

Let’s pop them all tonight!

8. Oh mi gosh

Are you telling me I can eat this wonderful-smelling cupcake? Let me literally inhale it.

9. Gotta keep it a glam affair

I’m the star of this house, and will always be!

Always remember, healthy dogs are happy dogs. This birthday, give your pooch the gift of good nutrition. Give him DawgieBowl!

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