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Super Food is now Super Affordable: First Month Free with DawgieBowl

by | Nov 10, 2018 | News & Media

Super Food, is now Super Affordable

As pet parents, we always try to ensure we give our pets nothing less than the best. The three pillars that make up a happy & healthy pet are simple – good food, adequate exercise, and love. How you provide your dog or cat with the latter two is up to you, but we can help you fix their number one need – good food.

With healthy food loaded with real meat, fresh veggies & superfoods, DawgieBowl serves your pet a biologically-correct, balanced diet that meets his or her body’s daily nutritional requirements. Curated to meet your pet’s specific needs, all our meals are vet-formulated and 100% real. No preservatives and nothing artificial, ever.
Every meal is made from real ingredients – fresh meats, fresh veggies, herbs, oils and charged with superfoods such as chia seeds, flaxseed, pepita, sunflower, and hempseed. Our recipes follow the Prey Model i.e. whole meats including bones, muscles, and organs; intact. Which in turn means that there are no meat or leather by-products as opposed to traditional commercial pet foods. DawgieBowl is free of gluten, corn or soy-based food fillers. Our food has no artificial or synthetic additives in the form of preservatives, stabilizers or flavoring. And unlike most other pet edibles, DawgieBowl is 100% MSG-free. Everything that makes it to the bowl is natural, real and pure.
We’re sure no one feels 100% proud about feeding their pet processed pet foods like kibble or gravy. They’re chiefly made out of meat & leather by-products and loaded with cheap food fillers and synthetic preservatives. We’re sure you even tried to look out for healthier options or cooked at home, but could never stick to those due to various reasons; affordability, trust, convenience. DawgieBowl now brings you the opportunity to give your dog the gift of delicious, healthy food, that is also light on your pocket.
A complete, all-inclusive balanced diet is home delivered every week, customized for your pet as per his/her weight, age, and nutritional requirements. Your pet’s weight is tracked every few weeks, to detect any signs of disease or health problems. He or she does not need any other supplements, a DawgieBowl diet is sufficient and nutritionally complete. You also manage to cut down medical expenses over time since your pet is not likely to fall ill owing to a disciplined, healthy & balanced diet.
And what’s more! Now switch from your current pet food to DawgieBowl and we’ll cover the first-month subscription for you.
DawgieBowl - Affordable healthy food for your pet - The best food for your puppy dog or kitten cat

Switch to DawgieBowl today!

How it Works:

For instance, if you parent a small dog like a Shih Tzu, Beagle, Lhasa Apso, Pug, etc., then your average monthly spend on his food is around ₹4,250 – ₹4,500* if your pet eats one of the “Premium Pet Food” brands. For larger dogs, the expense could go as high as ₹6,500 – ₹8,000 a month. And your pet still gets a highly processed and preserved diet!
(*data collected in a private survey of pet parents in Delhi-NCR)

When you switch to DawgieBowl, not only you inch closer to becoming a better pet parent (we’re so proud of you), your pet also gets an extra month of delicious, healthy food – when you buy a 3-month subscription with us. That’s 4 months of wholesome goodness for your furry sweetheart – for approximately ₹3,255 a month (for small dogs). Not mentioning the money you’d save on vet visits and medication once your pet gets a real, balanced & healthy diet!

Offer Terms & Conditions:

  1. This offer is available to New DawgieBowl subscribers in Delhi NCR only.
  2. The offer is applicable on one-time bundle purchase of a 3-month subscription of DawgieBowl Premium for Dogs or Cats (KittieBowl) only.
  3. Payment for the bundle plan is due at the time of subscription.
  4. The amount paid will be non-refundable after the subscription is activated.
  5. All orders are subject to DawgieBowl’s Terms & Conditions.

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