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We’re usually told that human food items are not good for the health of our fur babies, but there are a few exceptions when it comes to fruits and vegetables. One such vegetable is Green Beans, also known as String Beans or French Beans. Pet owners often have questions like “Are string beans good for dogs and cats?” Your doubts and worries are justified, which is why we have chosen to address this concern and settle the debate on whether beans are safe for dogs and cats, once and for all. You will find every piece of information you need to know regarding green beans for your pets in this article.

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Should you be sharing Green Beans with your pet?

Can dogs and cats eat beans? Definitely! Green beans are incredible for your pet’s health and can work wonders for their overall weight and digestion. Your pets can easily become overweight if you overfed them. We understand; those puppy eyes begging are impossible to say no to. However, giving them treats that are tasty but not healthy is a habit that can be broken by introducing green beans to your baby’s life.
Research and a most veteran pet owners swear by the green beans diet to help your obese dogs and cats get lighter. A moderate portion is a key to good health; plan your fur kid’s diet in a way that they consume a little bit of everything.
When it comes to feeding the pets meals and giving them occasional treats, you have to keep a watch over exactly what quantity of green beans for pets is acceptable.
Can I feed my pet dog cat Green French String Beans

The Origin of Green Beans

The green bean originated in the new world, principally Central and South America. The oldest domesticated variant was discovered in Guitarrero Cave, an archaeological site in Peru which is dated to around the second millennium BCE. The green bean seeds were transported to India through early sea trade practices. It has various names such as French beans, Snap beans or String beans etc.

Why Are Green Beans So Popular In India?

Green beans are famous for their string variant in India. These beans have a long string like fibre running along the entire length of the pod. They are easy to grow, economical to buy and are easily available in even drought-affected areas. The low-calorie levels and high nutritional value of green beans make them a favorite among health-conscious people. Green beans are a part of every Indian household, no matter what the traditional cuisine. There are several methods of cooking this humble vegetable. It can be stir-fried, boiled, sautéed, used in curries and is also added to non-vegetarian dishes.
Can I feed my pet dog cat Green French String Beans

The Nutritional Composition of Green Beans

We’ve just started raving about the benefits of green beans. The nutritional benefits of green beans are going to blow your mind. A vegetable that is so commonly consumed at every Indian household is taken for granted because the consumers don’t really know how rich in vitamins and minerals green beans are. Green beans consist of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium, copper and phosphorus. They also contain very good doses of vitamins A, K, B1, B2, B6, and C. They also comprise of a fair amount of protein and carbohydrates.

How do Green Beans Affect Your Furriends?

Are beans okay for dogs? Well, yes. They are a blessing to your baby’s stomach! The fiber helps in keeping pets full and thus battles unhealthy weight gain. Your pet will have better bowel movements too. The vitamins and minerals present in beans maintain the overall health of your dog. They become more energetic and less lethargic, their coat gets a better sheen, and the chances of stomach worms reduce.
The only downside to feeding green beans is gas and flatulence. If you own a breed which is prone to these issues, we’d suggest you try feeding them small portions to test the waters first.

Ways to Serve Green Beans to Your Pet

One thing is for sure: you won’t have to trick them into eating their greens like human babies because pets seem to like green beans. Pet owners who already feed their dogs fruits and veggies have observed their fondness for green beans. You will probably even see a lot of videos on social media where pooches adorably munch on these healthy snacks in exchange for tricks!
When it comes to the ways you can get your pets to eat healthy, we have a few ideas up our sleeves. First of all, if your pet is new to green beans, you will want to check how their stomach takes it. So, introduce them by mixing a few broken beans in his meat meal. If his stomach takes it well, you can start experimenting!
Green beans can easily replace the chew-sticks you treat your dog with every day. Just peel off the string by breaking off both ends so that the pooches don’t choke. You can boil the beans,mash it, and mix it with their food in small portions.
Apart from the fresh ones, green beans are also found in many other forms. There are plenty of canned, frozen, and fermented options available in supermarkets today. Fermented beans may contain probiotics that are healthy for the pet’s stomach and intestine. However, steer clear of salted or seasoned beans, or those that may contain preservatives. It may make the beans extra tasty for us humans but are very harmful to pets.
Can I feed my pet dog cat Green French String Beans

Special Considerations for Preserved and Packaged Beans

When it comes to buying and feeding your pets packaged or canned beans, you have to be extra careful. Check for the sodium levels because you will want to purchase products that have low to zero sodium in them. Preservatives are another problem that needs to be considered. Consult your vet and ask them which ones are safe for your pet to consume.

Easy Crunchy Green Bean Treats

A Quick DIY Recipe To Get You Started With!
This crunchy treat for your darlings is the best recipe we’ve come across. Take about 5 to 6 cups of green beans cut into biteable size, drizzle and toss them in one tablespoon of coconut oil (rich with antioxidants and great for pets). Preheat your oven to 170 degrees and then place a tray of these coated beans on to a lined baking sheet. Dehydrate the beans in the oven overnight or for about 8 hours and allow them to cool. Store these in an airtight jar and to treat your pups to a handful of this crunchy delight!


Even though it is known that some beans cause problems to pets, one of the beans dogs & cats can safely eat are green beans. They are wholesome and packed with the daily nutritional quota for your pet’s good health. Feeding your pets these beans in limited quantities every day or in rotation is highly recommended. You will surely thank this piece of information once your dog gains his previous energy levels and loses unnecessary kilos. Remember, a healthy diet only works if fed in moderation and accompanied by lots of physical activity!

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Always remember, your pets need a meat-based diet to thrive. Adding veggies to their diet can always be a plus but ensure it’s balanced with meat. For a great combination of meats, veggies, and superfoods, check out our meal plans!.

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