10 Things Our Dogs Teach Us Better Than Most Teachers Could

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Hoomans have always had so much to learn from dogs. As babies who grew up around dawgies, we learned how to crawl, and eventually walk. When we saw our pooches jump up and greet our parents, we learned how to jump too. Our dawgies have always made us feel like we can fly. They’ve taught us to dream in vivid colors and never be afraid of making an effort. They’ve taught us so much through every step they’ve taken by our sides.

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Here are 10 things that we’ve learnt from our dawgies over the years!

1. To love unconditionally

Dawgies have taught us how to look beyond clothes, hair, and accessories. A pooch’s love is pure and warm. On our saddest days, the world may be 180 degrees different from what it was on our happiest days, but our dawgie’s love remains the same.
10 Things Our Dogs Teach Us - Why dogs are the best teachers

2. That food is the most important thing

If there’s anything that dawgies are punctual about, it’s their food. A dawgie’s loyalty to food timings is undebatable. They know that food is the coal that makes them roll, and they take it very seriously. Even as puppies, dawgies know their priorities.

3. Exercise is the road to happiness

A tired dog is a happy dog. And dawgies always make sure that we get that walk too. They cannot function without their daily exercise, and push us to take them for a walk. In the process, they know they’re doing us a major favor by teaching us the importance of staying fit.

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10 Things Our Dogs Teach Us - Why dogs are the best teachers

4. Live in the moment

Even though we wish a life of a thousand years for our pets, we know that their time is short. Watching them grow from puppies to seniors, we learn that our time here is short too. So we must live in the moment, and with an open heart.

5. Size doesn’t matter

Dawgies are living proof of the fact that love comes in all sizes. Be it a puppy or a senior dawgie, they all greet us just as enthusiastically and cuddle just as comfy.
10 Things Our Dogs Teach Us - Why dogs are the best teachers

6. Never to hold grudges

Worry is a waste of emotional reserve, and life is too short to eat all the good stuff. Dawgies teach us exactly that. They teach us never to hold any grudges because they know we can’t be mad at them for long, and take us for a walk anyway.

7. Don’t bite when a growl is enough

This is an important lesson in self-control. Sometimes a trifle doesn’t deserve to be looked into with a microscope. Dawgies teach us what is important and what’s not. And that by not focusing on the unimportant stuff, we can always spend more time with our dawgies.

8. Greet your friends with love

If you’ve ever had the golden opportunity of being greeted by tailwags and facelicks when you get back home, you’d know the amount of enthusiasm your pet displays on seeing you. They teach us that if we love someone, we must always let them know. Dawgies know that love is rare and is a symphony that needs to be played out loud.
10 Things Our Dogs Teach Us - Why dogs are the best teachers

9. Loyalty is a virtue of love

Ever so loyal, dawgies teach us so much about human relationships. They not only teach us how to initiate one, but how to also keep one alive. Dawgies know that it doesn’t take much to be in love, but loyalty is what it takes to stay in love.

10. Digging is important to find the treasure

No matter how small they are, dawgies know that nothing in life comes easy. The trick is to keep digging, and hope the treasure surfaces. And even if it doesn’t, there’s always a new place to start at. Isn’t there?

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What’s the most important thing your dawgie taught you? Let us know in the comments below!

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