7 Instagram Dogs and their Favorite Toys

by Oct 4, 2018Infotainment

You may like to believe your dawgie loves you the most and there is absolutely no other who can compete. But did you see how his eyes lit up when you got him his favorite toy? He can now very well ignore you to play with it (and with zero guilt). Well, we think you’ve got serious competition! Honestly, though, we’re sure nothing makes you as happy as seeing them play with their toy, or sleep while holding it like it were their baby, probably the strongest urge you’ve felt to ‘aww’.

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We’ve put down a list of some adorable dogs with their favorite toys!

1. Cinderella, the GSD resting with her favorite toy


2. Cocodrila, the English Bulldog having fun with her rubber toy and hooman


3. Layla and Lily taking a ride in their little hooman’s new toy!


4. Fluffy, the Chihuahua taking a nap with her monkey


5. Bella, the beagle with a good ol’ stick!


6. A very smiley Luna with a very colorful ball


7. Little Buzz with his little monkey

And that’s not it! Here’s a very Hangry Hansel with his not-so-favorite froggy toy

Well, at least your dawgie wouldn’t do this to you. You’re still #1!
Pro Tip: You could bookmark this for later use, whenever you need some ‘awww’worthy moments.

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Got a picture of your pooch with his favorite toy? Post it in the comments below.

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