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Festive Gifting Ideas for Your Pooch

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Pet Lifestyle

The festive season is here! And while humans exchange gifts with the special people in their life, there’s no reason our pooches need to feel left out. Festivities could take a toll on pets, with their family being able to give them lesser attention, a lot of new faces around the house and persistent chaos & noise. A lot of pets tend to get anxious and may stop eating or display other behavioral changes. A good way to ensure that does not happen is to make your pet feel like he is a part of the celebrations.

Now whether you parent a dog yourself or are a visiting a friend or family who does, getting a gift for our furriends too could make them feel so much more included and you’ll have some face licks, guaranteed! There are hundreds of options out there as to what you could get as a gift for a dog. You could get all creative with your ideas and get them something out of the box! But here are our favorite dog gifting ideas that would help your dawgie friend have a better festive season.
Dog with Earmuffs - Festive Gifting Ideas for Dogs - diwali gifting ideas

1. Anti-Anxiety Earmuffs

Celebrations bring with them noise; loud, blaring noise. Firecrackers, music, people, and what not. Dawgie ears are several times more sensitive than humans and they can hear the sounds times amplified. Do the dogs a favor as an apology from all mankind and get them a pair of earmuffs. Ear Muffs cover the dog’s ears, toning down the sound before it could fall on their ears.
You could try to find earmuffs at a pet store near you, or at an online pet store. PoochMate has a nice collection of ear muffs for dogs, that are both trendy and functional.

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Dog Name Tag- Festive Gifting Ideas for Dogs - diwali gifting ideas

2. Collar Name Tag

We cannot emphasize enough on the absolute necessity to have a tag on your dog. When its the times of festivities, it becomes all the more essential. Get your dog a collar name tag with his and your information on it. Just in case your pet wanders away, the person who finds them could return them to you with minimal hassle.
You could find customized name tag providers for your dog over the internet. The prices range from anywhere between Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 depending on your choice.
Lavender Essential Oil- Festive Gifting Ideas for Dogs - diwali gifting ideas

3. Pet-Friendly Essential Oils

Smell is an important sense in dogs. They can smell scents 40 times stronger than humans. The smoke and odor during festivals through firecrackers affects them stronger than it affects us. Essential oils prove effective in overpowering these and calming them at the same time. You could drop a couple of drops in a diffuser, or massage around your dog’s ears in diluted form. Ensure you start slow and look out for irritation and any other negative effects.
Of the many essential oils you could choose from, the best are Lavender (induces a calming and peaceful effect in dogs), Lemongrass (repels mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks, improves dog’s skin), and Spearmint (aids weight loss, helps in diarrhea, stimulates bladder). Navarasas by Nikki offer an interesting range of oil blends for dogs.
You could find bottles of essential oils at your nearest pharmacy or online. Make sure that the oils you buy are labelled pet-friendly. Otherwise always ensure you do not buy low-quality or chemical reconstitutes (commonly marketed as diffuser oils, aroma oils, etc). They could have adverse to no effects on the pet. A 5ML bottle of a decent-quality essential oil can cost you anywhere between Rs. 450 to Rs. 700.
BarkNTreat Diwali Pooch Box- Festive Gifting Ideas for Dogs - diwali gifting ideas

4. Diwali Pooch Box by Bark & Treat

While we hoomans savor delicious festive sweets and preparations, get the dawgies a little something they’d love too! Bark & Treat does a lovely Diwali Box with laddoos and cookies that are made from all pet-friendly ingredients and are completely safe while also being nutritious.
You could order these on Bark & Treat’s online store or over a call or WhatsApp at 9958126128.
Keep your dog away from traditional sweets meant for humans as they may contain sugar, fats, nuts or other ingredients that are toxic for pet dogs and cats. If you decide to indulge your pet, make sure the treats are pet-friendly and safe for your pooch.
Above all, do not forget to shower your dawgie with lots of love. Be there for them among the chaos and do not leave them alone. Many pets tend to face severe anxiety that may lead to behavioral and dietary changes in them. They may even temporarily stop eating. Pets that are provided well nutritionally may have an easier time coping with the changes festivals bring along. So, ensure your pets are being fed well in general.

You could also choose to give your pet, a gift of good nutrition by subscribing to a DawgieBowl meal plan for him or her.

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