Gordon’s Gotta Glow! Grooming tips to keep your dog healthy & happy

by Sep 15, 2017Pet Lifestyle

Our furry babies shower their love and affection on us from the moment they enter our lives. It’s only fair that we return the love by taking good care of them. Parenting a pet is not difficult at all, but we ought to keep a few basics in mind. Grooming is one such basic need for a healthy and happy pet. We often associate ‘Pet Grooming’ to a luxurious spa to treat our pooches with on their special days. Whereas Grooming is a lot more than just an ‘experience’ for your dog; it is essential to maintain the health and hygiene of your pet, and your household.

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We need to groom our pets for the same reasons we groom ourselves – why we trim our hair, clip our nails, shave, bathe and change our clothes regularly. Of course we do it to look presentable, but there are greater benefits to grooming than we give it credit for. We talked to our friends at Flying Fur about the commonly underrated benefits of grooming your pets.

Beside the fact that your furry bae looks absolutely dapper after a session at the groomers, a routine visit ensures health benefits to the following four major areas:


Skin & Coat

The skin and coat of your pet can tell a lot about his health. Grooming sessions are often when skin lumps, pain, or other problems are noticed. Timely bathing your pet ensures the dirt and grease is washed off his coat and the pores are clean and breathing. It also reduces the chances of a parasitic infestation.

FURRY FACT: Contrary to common belief, bathing too often can have detrimental effects on your pet’s health, leaving the skin dry and stripped off of essential natural oils, causing itchy patches and skin infections.

Regular brushing helps you thoroughly examine your furry friend’s skin and coat, which helps in identifying abnormalities that are often otherwise hidden under the coat. Brushing stimulates the natural oils in your pet’s fur which are then spread across the coat leaving it with a glossy and healthy sheen. It also prevents matting in long-haired dogs which could be extremely painful for them.

A well-groomed skin and fur will allow your pet to move around freely and comfortably letting them enjoy the happy moments with ease.

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Clean Dog = Healthy Dog
Who wouldn't enjoy that?
Healthy Paws = Happy Pupper
Nails & Paws

Paws are one of the most important, but perhaps the most neglected part of your pet’s body. Your furry’s paws must regularly be checked for thorns, cuts, bruises, abrasions or boils. The fur near the paw-pads must be kept short and clean to prevent any dirt and germs from taking shelter between them. Any injury must immediately be attended to. Unhealthy paws can disturb your pet’s normal body posture and consequent into bigger troubles.

The nails of your pets need to be clipped at regular intervals. If not, it can cause serious injuries, like breaking from the nail bed, etc. which can lead to excessive bleeding and pain. Overgrown nails cause extreme discomfort to pets, especially to the ones living in apartments and homes with hard flooring. Regular nail clipping can ease arthritis and other joint pains in senior pets.


Eyes & Ears

Eyes are prone to infection; in long-haired breeds, the hair around the eyes should always be trimmed. When your baby looks at you, the eyes should be clear and moist.

A well-trained groomer will check your pet’s ears for infections and parasitic infestations. Regular cleaning ensures that no wax or dirt accumulates inside your furry baby’s ears.


Teeth & Gums

Periodontal diseases in pets are on the rise these days; biologically-inappropriate, processed diets and treats are the ones to blame. Indications such as discoloration of gums or the tongue, bleeding, pyorrhea or bad breath can be detected and reported by your groomer and should be consulted with a vet immediately.


If done right, grooming can relieve stress and rejuvenates your pet. It’s the same feeling you get after a nice head massage or a quick manicure. Now who wouldn’t love that?

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Got pictures of your dolled-up pupper? Drop them below. If you have any questions related to your dog’s grooming, post them in the comments below. 👇 👇 👇


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