Helping Stray Animals Survive The Scorching Summer Heat

by Mar 27, 2019Pet Lifestyle

Summers are one of the harshest seasons of the year; temperatures soar as high as late-40’s in most parts of the country and the scorching sun takes its toll on plants and animals alike. While you may be blessed with a home where you can chill with your furry best friend, things are not the same for the strays outside your home. Here’s how you can make summers a little easy for the stray animals who may not have a house but have a home in your heart.

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Offer Water to Strays

It can be incredibly tough for stray animals to locate water in summers. In the urban settings, animals may have to walk miles before they can spot a puddle of water safe to drink. You can help them by placing a bowl of clean water outside your house. Since the sun is on the rise, you can expect the water to dry up quickly; so try to refill the water bowl whenever possible. Do clean the water bowl on a regular basis to avoid contamination and diseases. A water bowl a day hydrates a lot of strays!
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Open Your Gates (and Hearts)

Animals living in urban setups are used to walking on layers of asphalt, concrete and rubble. However, these can become an ‘aag ka dariya’ to walk on during summers. Animals often end up with charred paws by walking on extremely hot surfaces. A cool place with shade can be a huge respite in such a weather. You can open your gates and let them in the front porch of your house, garden, garage, or verandah. Or provide a little bit of accessible space where these animals can rest to protect themselves from the heat.
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Introduce Fruity Treats

You can put out a small plate with some summer-fruits like Watermelons, Muskmelons (Kharbuja), Cucumber, Tender Coconut or other similar hydrating fruits; and watch the furry angels feast upon these and lick the plate clean. Remember that all animals are built differently; make sure you look up if what you are serving is safe for the animals you’re trying to help. Feeding fruits can go a long way to provide strays with the minerals and vitamins they may need to make it through the summer.

Look Before you Drive

Stray animals often take shelter under cars and parked vehicles as it provides them with shade. A number of times they don’t know when you’re starting your car and rushing off, and get hurt or run over. Before you enter your car, check underneath it for animals and greet them. It’s a small effort, but it can save a stray’s life.
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Empty the Pool

If you live in a society that boasts of a swimming pool or has any other kind of an open reservoir, make sure that the water is either drained out or the reservoir is kept covered during summers. This is because the sun’s heat can cause the water to turn into steam and raise the temperatures of the surroundings. Animals on the lookout for water may often get burnt skin or coat owing to the enormous heat in the water. If you can’t get the reservoir drained out or covered, at least fence the area so the strays keep away from them.

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Stay Alert, Save a Life

As an animal lover, you must be on a 24×7 vigil to watch out for stray animals who may need your help. You may come across cases where you see animals in distress. Call for help immediately when you spot such a situation. There’s a myriad of communities on social media with good hoomans willing to rush and help; use them.

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Always remember that animals need our love and even more so in the toughest of times. So this summer, get your water guns out and help a stray in need!

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