4 Ways to Dispose Your Black Money

by Nov 13, 2016Pet Lifestyle

Last week witnessed one of the biggest turns in the history of Indian economics. Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his cabinet took a historic step towards curbing black money in the country. Ever since the announcement was made on Tuesday, November 8th at around 8 pm, people have been seen flocking at petrol pumps, railway stations, jewellery stores or wherever they could use their old 500 and 1000 currency notes. Several incidents have been reported of partially or fully-burnt stashes of money, abandoned, dumped in garbage bins or rivers.

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If you’re one of those several hundred Indians who are hoarding black money (don’t worry, we don’t judge – and neither do our dawgies); here are some innovative ways of disposing off your stash, albeit earn some blessings and respect:

1. Pay Utility Bills at Your Nearest Animal Shelter
Reach out to your nearest animal shelter and hospital and offer to pay their power, water, telephone, internet and other utility bills.

2. Buy Fuel for Animal Ambulances and Shelter Vehicles
Offer to refuel the ambulances and shelter vehicles that run tirelessly to rescue destitute animals.

3. Sponsor Treatment of Stray Animals at Government-run Veterinary Hospitals
Since Government-run hospitals are still accepting older currency notes, you can reach out to veterinary hospitals in your region and sponsor treatment of stray animals.

4. DIY Bedding for Stray Animals
If none of the above methods work for you, or you still have more notes to dispose, shred them into tiny bits and stuff them in old gunny bags. These can then be used as beds for stray animals. Shredded paper will keep them warm and cosy during the upcoming winters.

Black Money Dawgie Beds

Can you come up with more innovative ways to help dawgies with older currency notes? Post them in the comments below. Got questions? Call 9452 666 222.

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