6 Reasons Why We Love Our Desi Dogs (Indie or INDogs)

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INDogs, Indies, Desi, Streeties, Superstars – whatever you call them, there is no denying that our Desi Dogs are no less than pedigree dog breeds; *whispers* that most Indians are obsessed with. They’re strong, they’re loving, and overall cuddle bundles! Years of the portrayal of Dawgies in the media and our innate love for everything foreign has influenced Indians to prefer pedigreed dogs and well, let’s just say it, sidelined our Desis. But there are more than enough reasons for why one has to love these Desi Boys and Girls and absolutely none why one shouldn’t. We’ve put down our top reasons to be smitten by INDogs.

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1. Best Dogs for Indian Climate

The Indies are called so because they are indigenous or native to our land. They’ve been here for the longest time and have bodies that were made for India’s tropical and humid climate. When you adopt a pedigreed breed like a Siberian Husky or Saint Bernard, you are making them live in conditions their bodies were not designed to cope with. Their thick coats were meant to keep them warm in chilly conditions. Which is the reason why many pedigreed dogs in India suffer during summers, with dehydration, loss of appetite, anorexia. INDogs, on the other hand, are native to our climatic conditions. Needless to say, they also have a stronger immune system and are prone to lesser genetic diseases. They weren’t bred in terrible conditions, neither were their genes tampered with.
DawgieBowl- Reasons Why We Love Indian Desi Dogs INDog

2. Low-Maintenance and Easy on your Pocket

First up, you need not pay the breeder who bred them, a few thousands to get them home. INDogs are easily available with shelters and rescuers for adoptions at all times. They are strong little dawgies with a solid immune system. They do not fall ill often when given the right nutrition and exercise. Which in turn means lesser trips to the vet. They also have shorter coats and do not shed a lot. Hence you do not have to get them groomed often or spend a lot of time cleaning up dog hair.

3. Adapt Quickly and are great Companion Dogs

Desi Dogs are extremely smart and contrary to popular opinion can be trained very easily. Their street life makes them highly independent which also makes them apt for the big city life. They adapt to their environment very easily and can make great family dogs. They are also amazing with kids and completely harmless. Indies make a good choice if you’re a first-time pet parent. People often believe Desi Dogs to be aggressive and unfriendly, but how a dog grows up depends a lot on their human, not the dog.

4. Adopting discourages backdoor breeders

The truth behind puppy mills is no longer a secret. We are all well aware of the condition little puppies are bred in. Beyond that, hundreds of foreign breed puppies are illegally imported to India for sale. When you a adopt a Desi you discourage these culprits from carrying out such heinous acts. You also give a home to a homeless life who needs your care are nurturing.

5. Highly protective of their pack

If you’ve adopted a Desi in need and given him the love he needed, he will love you back. And he will do so fiercely! Indies are extremely protective of their hoomans and will go to any extent to ensure they are safe. They are highly intuitive and decode human emotions just as good as other pedigree dogs. They will be an emotional support in downtimes and the most disciplined goodboys when a situation calls for it.
3 DawgieBowl- Reasons Why We Love Indian Desi Dogs INDog

6. Just as Adorable

Indies are absolute cuties! They are just as adorable as pedigree dogs and will love you unconditionally. Their antics and smooshable faces will make you want to cuddle them so bad! And guess what, they’ll let you. Before you know it, he’ll be the best friend to all the kids in your locality. The limelight will, unfortunately, be shifted from you to the new kid in town, but who are we kidding, you’ll love it.
Desi Dogs are intelligent little brats. From being lovely pets to detecting bombs, they do it all. Sadly, most Indies suffer on the streets with hunger and diseases and are at a constant risk of attack by a human or predator. Many die in road accidents, others are laid down due to intolerance by humans. In recent years, Indie Dogs have spread their love spell far and wide and have many foreigners smitten leading to a lot of them being adopted in faraway countries. Like the very popular adoption of Chapati, an Indie pup, by a Ukranian couple who now travel the world with her.

High time we realize their worth too.
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Parenting an Indie? Share pictures with us in the comments below!

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