9 World Leaders & their Adorable Dawgies

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Dogs are a hooman’s best friend. It doesn’t matter if the hooman is a little boy or a leader of the free world, dawgies have managed to spare none from their spell.

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We have compiled a list of World Leaders and their pets, and we pawmise you, it’s absolutely adorable!

1. Prince William and Princess Catherine

Prince William Princess Catherine Kate with Dog Lupo - World Leaders and their Dogs
The Royal Family’s dog, Lupo is quite famous. He’s named after Princess Catherine’s great-grandmother, Olive Christiana Lupton. Apart from helping the family raise their kids, Lupo has also modeled for the cover of Hello magazine.

2. Barack Obama

Barack Obama Michelle Obama with their Dog Bo First Dog of the United States of America - World Leaders and their Dogs
The ‘first dog’ of the United States of America, Bo, is a male Portuguese Water Dog. Mr. Obama’s daughter, Malia had allergies which dictated the need for a hypoallergenic breed. The Obamas loved Bo so much, they got him a sibling named Sunny!

3. Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin with gifted dogs Yume & Buffy Akita - World Leaders with their dogs
These good boys named Buffy and Yume, got someone as serious as Vladimir Putin to light up. Boyko Borisov, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria gifted Buffy, a Bulgarian Shepherd to Mr. Putin. Yume, an Akita, was gifted to him by Japan’s ex-Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda. In one incident, Yume couldn’t stop barking at Japanese journalists, and it made up for a hilarious story.

4. Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron with Dog Nemo - World Leaders with their Dogs
This French leader and his wife have to themselves, a sweet Labrador Retriever-Griffon cross named Nemo. The French President and wife visited a shelter and fell in love with Nemo. Nemo has also caught the global headlines for interrupting Emmanuel’s BBC interview.

5. John F. Kennedy

John F Kennedy American President with Dogs - World Leaders with their Dogs
JFK’s canine love was never undercover. Known for being the youngest President of the United States, he had many dogs from time to time. The most interesting story is that of Pushinka. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev gifted Pushinka to JFK’s wife, Caroline. Since it was the time of Cold-War, Pushinka was suspected a spy dog. After many tests, she was welcomed into the Presidential Manor. In Russian, Pushinka means ‘fluffy’. The special thing about Pushinka was that her mother was Strelka. Strelka happened to be the first dog the Russians sent into space.

6. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill with Poodle Rufus - World Leaders with their Dogs
The British Leader was known across the world for being an animal lover. He loved both, cats and dogs and had two of each. His Poodle’s name was Rufus. He also parented a bulldog named Dodo, a Wartime cat, Nelson and a Marmalade cat, Jock. His presidential estate was home to butterflies, fish, cows, pigs, and swans.

7. Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon with Checkers dog - World Leaders with their Dogs
It is well known that the ‘Checkers’ speech got Nixon, the sweep he wanted. In one of the first televised speeches that Nixon gave before the elections, he mentioned his Spaniel named Checkers. That struck a chord with a large number of American voters, who gave Nixon the victory he needed. Since then, September 23rd is celebrated as National Dogs in Politics Day, or the Checkers Day.

8. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton with Buddy dog - World Leader and their dogs
The Clintons had a chocolate-colored Labrador Retriever, named Buddy. He lived with them as they spent their days at the White House. They have another pet, a cat named Socks. Buddy was named after Mr. Clinton’s great uncle, Henry Oren Buddy Grisham.

9. Moon Jae In

Moon Jae In with Adopted Dog Tori - World Leaders with their dogs
Currently seen as one of the strongest contenders of the Nobel Peace Prize, Moon Jae In got the presidents of the USA and North Korea to talk. He also recently adopted a rescued dog named Tory and welcomed him into his family. He already has a dog called Maru, and a former shelter cat called Jjing-Jjing.

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Think we’ve missed someone out? Let us know in the comments below!

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