9 Signs That You’re a Crazy Cat Person

by Oct 23, 2018Infotainment

Cat people have managed to be infamous over time building some rapport; from being called ‘crazy’ to the presumptions that they are perpetual cynics. Well, cat lovers have a lot of positives, some of them even backed by science. While they may be slightly different from #TeamDawgie, recent studies have shown that an individuals choice of species of pet does indicate certain personality traits. While cat people tend to be more open-minded, introverted, sensitive and smart, most dog lovers are great listeners, lively and people lovers.

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Having a pet cat teaches you a lot about life, makes you believe in it. At the end of the frustration and assholery, your kittie does really love you and is the best companion you could have ever asked for. So if you identify yourself as a crazy cat person or know someone who fits the description, read on!

1. Cat cuddles over any other!

When the day’s monkey business is over and it’s time for some sleep, there’s no hooman, terrestrial or extra-terrestrial that compares to your cat curling up next to you. Also because these moments of affectionate outburst are so rare and special that noone can replace them. Ever. Period.

2. Kittie understands

You have conversations with the kittie and they just understand! You tell them of the creep you hate or the boss who’s been making you work overtime and they understand! You can tell them how your day was, and how much you missed them & their antics, and they’ll throw some right at you!
Cat Understands- DawgieBowl Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

3. Don’t need no alarm

A hungry cat has no snooze or relax button. With constant purrs that will be followed by a series of claw marks all over you, if go unattended, your cat is the most determined and disciplined alarm there can be! You’re are getting out of bed and there are no two ways around it.

4. Can’t move, the cat’s asleep

The world can wait, the cat’s asleep on me! Isn’t it just so wonderful to watch this furball of destruction sleep in your lap silently? Not everyone understands how special it is! And hence, everyone can wait! The ringing phone, food, the call from your bladder, it can all wait. Doesn’t the poor little feline get just 18 hours of sleep a day anyway? She deserves every minute of it.
Can't Move- DawgieBowl Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

5. Gallery? Oh, cat photos collection you mean

Your phone’s gallery is 92% cat photos, 3% food, 5% screenshots. You try to capture every step, move, breath your cat takes. Though they end up doing the tricks right after you’ve put your camera off. But you’ve managed to create quite a decent collection of cat pictures and videos that you can now show off to the muggles. Also, who deletes cat pictures, it’s such a heartbreaking thing to do!

6. Cardboard boxes are never a waste

Kitties can be so low-demands sometimes! All they need is the box from your delivery and it’s the happiest day of their lives. You know if you’ve got them a present and they got more excited about the box it came in than what the box had inside.
Cardboard Boxes- DawgieBowl Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

7. What are black clothes?

Your rocker chic era has come to an end. Since your cat needs to try on all your clothes before you do, or roll all over you once you have them on, all your black clothes are now mere cat fur sweaters. But eh, what do 9 black leggings and 15 black t-shirts got over the love of your life?

8. Cat videos are the ultimate entertainment!

Who needs TV series or movies? Cat’s are undoubtedly the most entertaining creature to have walked the earth and cat videos the ultimate form to capture their awesomeness. Too bored? Watch cat videos! Can’t sleep? Watch cat videos! Can’t work? Um, don’t watch cat videos. Seriously, finish the work up, curl up in bed and then, you know it.
Cat Videos- DawgieBowl Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

9. Every kittie deserves love

You find it your duty as the esteemed cat lady to share the love with every kittie and catto you spot, barring none. Your heart aches when you see one in distress. And you’d do all you could to give them good health and safety. For all the good deeds you do, we’re extremely proud of you!
Every animal deserves love, they make this world a better place to live and help us believe that the good still exists. When you have one as a pet, you feel their power to change your life completely, and how you are a better person since you know them. For all this and more, they deserve the best of everything.
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Guess you’re more of a dog person? Read this. How many of these signs do you display? Think we missed out on something? Let us know in the comments below

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